Pagat’s Card Games

The name of the site is simply “Card Games,” but everyone calls it Pagat. It’s such a major clearing house for card game rules and instructions that future generations may replace the phrase “According to Hoyle” with “According the Pagat.”

Bicycle Rider Back 808s: the only way to play.

Site manager John McLeod, along with contributors from all over the world, have spent years expanding the site to include rules and variants for countless games. McLeod estimates that Pagat’s might have the rules for 30% to 50% of all card games on the planet. The site has rules for traditional card games, tile games, reader-invented games, commercial titles, and solitaire games, with plenty of international games, variants, and house rules.

Because card games are always evolving and new variants always being created, this feat is only possible using a web site. You may have some of the best card gaming books in print, and they will never be as complete and up-to-date as Pagat.

With Pagat’s and a deck of Bicycle 808s (Bee, Aviator, Hoyle, and Streamline are also acceptable), your gaming needs could be met for life.