App O’ The Mornin’–Afternoon Edition: Epic Citadel

Simply mind-blowing: that’s the only way I can describe the interactive tech demo just uploaded by Epic Games. This Unreal Engine-based technology shows just what lies ahead for mobile 3D gaming: gorgeous interior and exterior environments with decent framerates and a good implementation of onscreen directional controls.

The demo is simply an exploration of a medieval town and the surrounding area. I’m not sure what they plan to put in that town, and right now I don’t care: I just want it.

The techno demo is available for free. It’s not a game: just a guided tour and a chance to wander through the best-looking environment ever created for a smartphone. The lighting, flowing water, textures, and distance rendering are all first rate.

This is not pre-rendered or re-touched: this is as it looks in motion on a last-gen iPod Touch.The pictures in this post were all taken in-game by me (even the ones with the Unreal watermark), using the built in screen capture utility.