PUZZLE: Labor Day Sale

Amy, Betty, Carl, and Dan went to a four-story department store in New York City for some Labor Day shopping. Each did their shopping on a different floor, and each bought a different thing.

One person each bought an iPod, a digital camera, a book, and a lawnmower.

Amy did not buy a lawnmower.

Carl shopped on the second floor.

Betty bought a digital camera.

Amy shopped on the first floor.

iPods are sold on the fourth floor.

What did each person buy?


2 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Labor Day Sale

  1. Amy bought a a book on the first floor
    Betty bought a digital camera on the third floor
    Carl bought a lawnmower on the second floor
    Dan bought a iPod on the fourth floor

    Which leads to the hope that Carl had access to an elevator.

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