This Week at a Glance

This image comes from Project Mah Jongg, an exhibit most awesome at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. (Warning: automatic audio at site.)

Castle Ravenloft arrives: one big box o’ D&D fun
Insensitive jerk makes offensive game. Also: water found to be wet. 
Games Magazine: November issue now on sale
A Closer Look: Aviator Cards
A Closer Look: Hoyle Playing Cards
Media incompetence and gaming: perfect together
Review: Scrabble Flash
Off-topic post: a look at the Arkangel Complete Shakespeare audioplays.
This week’s contest
Friday linkaround: items of interest

Word Squares–word puzzle
Isaac Newton’s Gravity–physics puzzle
iBlast Moki–physics puzzler
Mancala–abstract strategy
Spikey’s Bounce Around–physics/arcade puzzler
A note on App coverage


Word Squares
Sir Edwyn de Tudor