Labyrinthe Aventure (Evionnaz, Switzerland)

Mazes are tough to do on a blog, but when I find something tool cool to ignore, I’ll try pass it along.

The “Labyrinthe Aventure” of Evionnaz, Switzerland is beyond cool. In fact, it lives up to its claim as “est la plus grande maquette du monde” (the largest model in the world). It is the world’s largest natural maze.

The official site is in French, but it’s easy enough to see that this is a kind of maze/theme park setup, with massive slides 100 feet long and plenty of activities for children. The thing sprawls across a mile and a half and the maze itself is made of 18,000 Thuja trees, which are a kind of cypress.

I love mazes, but this just gives me the willies. All I can think of is being frozen to death while chasing my family with an axe.