This Week in Review

And this week started out so well….

I’ve spent the past few days on my keister with my leg propped up thanks to what the hospital discharge papers dryly call a “crush injury with lacerations.” It’s what happens when a really heavy stack of shelves falls on your foot from a height of about 6 feet. I haven’t seen that much blood since Evil Dead II. I’ve managed to tear through a couple of stitches since then, so the fun never ends. This is what I get for trying to install a new closet system.

Also, Vicodin didn’t do a thing for me. It didn’t even cut through the pain. Useless. It always seems to work so well for Dr. House. TV lied to me again! (Watching War of the Gargantuas, however, had a wonderfully numbing effect.)

Anyway, I’ll be a little slow getting back to work this week, so please bear with me.

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