The Mac App Store: Coming 1/6/11

TouchArcade has the news: the Mac App Store launches on January 6th, 2011. Apple knows a winning idea when they spot one, so they’re rolling out direct delivery for computer software using the same model that drove iTunes and the App Store to success.

This is the future, people. I’m not pretending to be Criswell, but since my days on the US edition of T3 I’ve been saying that all hard storage media will die. Every bit of storage technology we’ve seen for the past 30 years was merely leading up to digital delivery. Floppy discs, CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-Ray: they will all fall. One day soon, they will seem as novel as 8-track tapes, just like the idea of going to a store to buy a game or any other piece of software.

PC gaming already has a proven model in Steam, but it’s not the most intuitive system for buying and installing software. Apple has a particular genius for creating smooth edges and a consumer-friendly experience. Could they even attempt a PC App Store some day?

If you’re a Mac user (and I’m not) watch this space. This is the future, and remember: the future is “where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives!”

Poker Blog

If you read some of my card game coverage, you probably get the idea that I’m not a huge fan of Poker. I appreciate it, I admire the subtle strategies and the psychological game, but it’s just not something I return to by choice. When I do play, it’s because my son likes the betting and bluffing element. He seems to think his Asperger’s gives him a natural advantage in this area, because it’s very hard to “read” a person with Asperger’s. I could play it socially and enjoy it, but it just doesn’t scratch my card-playing itch.

That said, I have to give a shout out to a terrific Poker Blog that I just found while stumbling around on teh interwebz. It’s called Online Poker Blog, and it is just crammed full of the kind of stuff I like, including strategies, variants, lore, news, and more. This is just a good example of a single-topic gaming site, and it’s worth a stop.