Home Sheep Home: A Shaun the Sheep Game

Home Sheep Home is a remarkably popular free Java game featured on the Shaun the Sheep home page. It’s a simple but immensely appealing puzzle game with a gentle watercolor/ink art style and clever challenges. The goal is to get Shaun, Shirley, and Timmy back to the barn by solving various obstacle-based puzzles. It’s not particularly hard, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Now, Home Sheep Home has made the leap to the App Store. It’s the same as the flash game, but for $1 you can take it along with you on all your plasticine-animated adventures.

NOTE: This is a republication of a post lost by the Blogger software. Originally posted 5/12/2011.

2 thoughts on “Home Sheep Home: A Shaun the Sheep Game

  1. Okay, it is official. I am cursing you for bringing this game to the attention of my family. Thankfully it's only 15 levels. The kids will finish soon enough. Then I get a try.

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