Spiel des Jahres: Nominees for 2011

“Spiel des Jahres” is German for “Game of the Year,” and it’s the most prestigious award in board gaming. A select group of German game critics puts forth various nominees in several different categories, and the winners (and even the nominees) can always expect a considerable spike in sales.

The Game of Year nominees are:

  • Qwirkle (an old MindWare title that was just released in Germany this year: it’s on sale for 57% off at Amazon)
  • Forbidden Island (Matt Leacock’s family friendly version of Pandemic)
  • Asara (Rio Grande Games)

A new category called “Kennerspiel des Jahres” was introduced this year for more complex games. Those nominees are:

  • 7 Wonders (Asmodee)
  • Strasbourg (Pegasus Spiele)
  • Lancaster (Queen Games)

A third category, “Kinderspiel des Jahres,” nominates children’s games. This year, the nominees are

  • Das ist der Wyrm drin (Zoch)
  • Magician’s Kitchen (Playroom)
  • Monster-Falle (Kosmos)
I believe only four of these games are easily available in the US right now. Those are: