A Brief Illustrated Introduction

Let’s make this introduction simple.

This is me, working:

This is my Lord and savior:

This is how I worship him:

This is what I believe, in its totality, without exception or compromise:

I am not a liberal Catholic, orthodox Catholic, conservative Catholic, cafeteria Catholic, or traditionalist Catholic: I am, simply, a Catholic (Latin Rite). That should be enough for you to know where I stand and what I believe about most issues. At least, it used to be.

This is my leader:

This is not my leader:


Not this:

Or, potentially, this:

I am neither Republican nor Democrat. Therefore, this is my political home:

Were I to choose a political system, I would start with the ideas of these dudes:

And this guy:

But no one ever asks me, so we always wind up with tyrants in various shades of awful. They’re either stripping us of fundamental freedoms, or ginning up excuses to make things go boom. I kind of like this guy:

But I suspect he may be slightly nuts. At this point, I’ll take “Cranky Old Uncle with Some Crazy Ideas” over “Shameless Corporate Shill” or “Wannabe Dictator,” but, again, no one ever asks me, so I’ll go back to doing what I always do, which is this:

And this:

And this:

And a lot of this:

And, yeah, way too much of this: