God and the Machine

Two and a half years ago, I began blogging here in order to create a space where I could write about all kinds of games, any time I want, however I want. Since then, I’ve built a small but loyal audience interested in the same thing, and I thank you for staying with me as I adjust to changing demands brought on, first, by my return to graduate school, and then by various family illnesses.

In case you’re wondering: no, I’m not closing down State of Play. Posting will continue to be lean until I find some balance among everything I need to do, and while I work to get a new project up and running. But I will continue to make this a place for my game coverage.

That new project is also a blog. It’s called God and the Machine, and it’s hosted at Patheos, a portal dedicated to intelligent discussions about the entire sweep of religious issues. My contribution covers “Technology, Culture, and Catholicism,” which is a pretty broad mandate. The official launch was Monday, and I’ve already posted on subjects ranging from the HHS contraception mandate to the LulzSec arrests.

I’ve always made clear on these pages that I’m politically conservative (not Republican) and Catholic, but since it’s a game site, I never have (and never will) make that the thrust of my posts here. That will not be the case at God and the Machine, which will tackle more controversial issues. While I’ve always made an effort to keep State of Play a family friendly site, particularly since I know I have young readers, those limitations can’t apply to God and the Machine simply because of the nature of the subject matter.

If you’d like to follow my posts on this subject, please follow me at the Twitter account @ThomasLMcDonald, or on Facebook. The Twitter account for @StateofPlayBlog will remain focused on games and pure tech.