Generation and Spiration: The Processions of the Trinity

The Trinity: Coronation of the Virgin, altar of the Charterhouse of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.

Yesterday’s Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity is the celebration of a mystery: that three persons are somehow in one God. It took time for Church to fully understand the triune nature of God, drawing out the trinitarian references from scripture and trying to construct a deeper philosophical and theological context for understanding them.

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Muslim Scholar Hopes to Conquer the Vatican, Spain

St. John of Capistrano, with a Turk under his feet

From MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research institute), comes this clip from Dr. Subhi Al-Yaziji, Dean of Koranic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza. Here’s what he says:

The conquest of Andalusia is an old dream, something Muslims proudly hope for and will continue to hope for in the future… We place our hopes in Allah and trust that the day will come when our triumph will not be restricted to Palestine. Our hopes go beyond that – to raise the banner of the Caliphate over the Vatican,the “Rome” of today, in accordance with the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: “Constantinople shall be conquered and then Rome.”

Give it your best shot, pal.

Maybe this should be part of the next Muslim-Catholic dialogues?

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Send eBooks to African Seminarians

And as long as we’re talking about Brandon Vogt, you can still contribute to his Africa eBook project, which is the kind of merger of faith and tech that we need. Brandon wants to send CD-ROMs full of classic and contemporary Catholic eBooks to seminarians in Africa. At first, being the privileged first world technut that I am, I thought, “Can’t they just get most of those texts from CCEL?” But, of course, internet support is spotty in Africa, and a CD-ROM full of texts is permanent, easily portable, and doesn’t require a live connection.

Brandon’s effort have been so successful that he’s expanding the project. He’s only looking for a couple of bucks for you, so go ahead and help a seminarian get access to the classics of our faith.

And if any of those seminarians are watching, they should make sure they enter our contest to give away a Logos Catholic Scholar’s Library.

Here’s a good video of Brandon channeling Sally Struthers and Fr. Barron as he explains the project. This, folks, is how you do new media for the Church:


Monday Morning Chicken

I know, I know: I skipped last Monday’s chicken. I had no idea people would come to really look forward to these chicken pics. I just thought posting a chicken on Memorial Day was probably bad form.

Anyway, here’s Ruby the Wonder Chicken: before and after. Actually, that’s Marcia on the left: one of three chicks we watched for a week for our neighbors (the others are–of course–Jan and Cindy) with Ruby. Ruby is almost three months older than the chick.