Sexting and Teens: The Myth of Safe-Sexting

Offered with my standard caveats about “studies,” here’s your depressing factoid of the day: high-school students appear to be texting sexually explicit photos of themselves at a rate of about 20%. Previous studies had put the rate for high-school kids closer to about 13%, with college students admitting to either sending or receiving sexually explicit texts at a rate as high as 80%.

This current data, from a study by a professor at the University of Utah, has the usual limitations. The sample was acquired by having 606 students at a single private high-school in the southwest fill out of a questionnaire. Therefore, it tells us what well-off students at a single high-school in the southwest want to put on a questionnaire, but any temptations to extrapolate to a nation-wide or global trend should be resisted. Continue reading