“Five Flat Rocks”

In case I didn’t convince you that $5 was a steal for some great gospel bluegrass from The Del McCoury Band, here’s a little more proof for your consideration. Just the thing to light up a dreary, damp Saturday morning:

Israel rebelled in peril back in David’s time
‘Cause Goliath was the champion of the Philistines
Israel was shaken, stricken by fear
But God called a champion though young in years

Five flat rocks from the river bed,
It only took one and the giant lay dead

Saul offered his armor,
But David said no,
I believe I’ll wear my shepherd’s clothes
Five flat rocks, a sack, and a sling
Look how God makes a king

But David had faith and he did know
The lion and the bear couldn’t take him on
So he knew he’d take the giant down
Ten foot tall, Lord, he hit the ground.

Five flat rocks, shepherd’s clothes
The angels were singing around God’s throne