The Conclave? There’s An App For That

Verbum has released a free app with some nifty content for the conclave. The features of Conclave break down this way:

  • Live Video: Right now, it’s the video of the last Press Office conference, but I imagine this will include live streams as they’re available.
  • News: Relevant feeds from Zenit, Catholic Answers, National Catholic Register, John Allen, Jimmy Aiken, CNS, CNA, and Catholic Culture.
  • Twitter: The #conclave and #pope hashtags are tracked. (Since this is Twitter, that means you’ll also get the constant yawps of ignorance for hateful little trolls trying to pass themselves off as enlightened.
  • Bios: This combines New Advent’s tracking data on the papabile with Vatican Press Office bios of all the Cardinals. I would like to have to links to John Allen’s pieces here as well, but you can find them in the news feed.
  • Resources: This is a good set of links to Verbum resources and Vatican data on conclaves for the last thousand years, Jimmy Akin videos, a bible, and other good stuff.

Conclave should definitely get a spot on your iPhone or Android for the next two weeks. Considering the short shelf-life of the app, this was a nice thing for Verbum to do. They’re also giving away certain Verbum resources for free. “The Papacy and the Conclave: Source Documents” is just one of links that opens into the Verbum app (also a free download) with a generous selection of primary sources related to the election of the pope, from Nicholas II’s “In Nimin Domine (1059) to Benedict’s “Normas Nonnulas” (2013). Really great stuff.

Go grab it now! All the kids will be talking about it Monday morning and you don’t want to be left out.