Roger Mahony: Twit UPDATED

What a contemptible little weasel. I know I should respect the office, and I’ll have to confess that, but this man is beyond the pale. He needs to just shut up.


UPDATE: Yeah, I blogged this one angry and intemperate, and shouldn’t be hurling insults at a prince of the Church. But this is so outrageous. He wasn’t content to praise Francis: he had to make a direct insult to Benedict. Why? This isn’t just a bit of opinion from a disgraced, possibly criminal, cardinal: it’s positively diabolical. Satan must cheer every time Roger takes to his keyboard or opens his yap. He’s sowing dissent.

And, as one private correspondent remarked, isn’t it an absurd thing to say for a man who spent hundreds of millions on his own tomb (the Taj Mahony) and hundreds of millions more on abuse payouts?

By the way, he seems awfully preoccupied about clothing for a man who should be in an orange jumpsuit.

UPDATE 2: On thing understood by most bloggers is this simple rule:

I popped off on Cardinal Mahony because of my deep affection for Benedict … who would not have wanted me to pop off at Cardinal Mahony. So … RATZINGARIAN FAIL!

My apologies to the Cardinal for not addressing this issue with respect and decorum. I do not believe we need to avoid criticizing the hierarchy. It’s that kind of clericalism that gave us the abuse scandals. But I do believe we can do it with dignity rather than rage. So, I am sorry.

I will not take the post down, because that’s not how the interwebs work. My shame is here for all to see, as is my tiny bit of redemption.

Humbly yrs,


Tom McDonald