A Very Important Reminder: Tweet #Gosnell

A Constitutional Right: ending up in a bag in a Philadelphia basement

Just a quick post to urge you to Tweet with the #Gosnell tag today. The media has created a deliberate blackout on the story of mass murderer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell because it disrupts their narrative about abortion. I wrote about the story when it first broke, and read the entire Grand Jury Report. It remains the most disturbing thing I have ever covered as a professional reporter.

The media has blacked out the story, even as one horrifying revelation after another comes out of the trial. A harmless country song has generated more outrage in the mainstream and leftwing media (but I repeat myself) than a man who killed a woman and countless babies born alive in the most brutal ways imaginable and under nightmarish conditions.

That the victims and the perpetrator were all minorities, that the government utterly failed to inspect the Gosnell clinic even as much as it inspects pet stores, and that the entire story flies in the face of the pro-abort lie about the unborn not being actually human are driving the coward media away.

Well, we now have an answer to that. We can seize the controls of communication. We can make damn sure that if the rich and powerful try to ignore us, at least they’ll have to hear our voices first.

You are America. Not the government. Not the corporate media conglomerates. The power is yours. Take it. Use it. Defend life.