“This Is Abortion”

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia reacts to the Gosnell verdict with some pointed reminders:

The trial of Kermit Gosnell is over. His convictions will surprise very few. But nothing can bring back the innocent children he killed, or make up for the vulnerable women he exploited. We should keep the repugnance of his clinic conditions sharp in our memories, and we should remember the media’s inadequacy in covering his case, because Kermit Gosnell is not an exception. Others just like him run abortion mills throughout our country.

We need to stop cloaking the ugliness of abortion with misnomers like “proper medical coverage” or “choice.” It’s violence of the most intimate sort, and it needs to end.

To quote Jack McMahon, Gosnell’s lawyer, “This is abortion.”

Indeed it is.

The demonic forces of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the pro-death lobby tried to spin the verdict as a win for “safe and legal” medical care for women, ignoring the plain fact that the difference between first degree murder and “a constitutional right” is a matter of inches and seconds.

The Right Hand of Satan put on their frowny faces so you knew they disapproved of Gosnell doing … something:

Karnamaya Mongar was indeed victimized by Gosnell and the merchants of death. But so were thousands of unborn and newborn children.

Oddly enough, they don’t rate a mention by Murder Inc. Funny, that.

These are the sorts of people who think the lesson of the Gosnell case was that doctors should have clean offices and equipment while committing vile acts of murder and mutilation on defenseless humans.

Meanwhile, serial killer LeRoy Carhart goes merrily on his way, continuing to kill not only children, but their mothers as well. (I guess I should, at this point, disclose that Carhart is a distant relative of mine.)

And, finally, we all owe a debt of gratitude to reporter JD Mullane, who stuck with this dehumanizing trial day in and day out to bring the truth to his readers. He was the first to report the verdict, and the person who exposed the media disinterest in the case. Kathryn Lopez did a good interview with him, including this observation:

LOPEZ: How did Pennsylvania ever let this happen?

MULLANE: Pa.’s ex-governor, Tom Ridge is, to me, Gosnell’s chief enabler. Ridge is a pro-choice Republican and it was his administration that decided to halt annual inspections of Pennsylvania’s abortion clinics. This happened because the Ridge administration felt shoddier clinics like Gosnell’s would be forced to close if inspectors from the state department of health came through and did their jobs. Closing clinics would create a “barrier” for women seeking abortions, and Ridge didn’t want that. Though Tom Ridge is a chatty guy, he has maintained radio silence on Gosnell. Now you know why.

Thanks, JD.

More: Gosnell is Not an Outlier, from Susan B. Anthony List.