Jew-Hating Has-Been Wants You To Pay Attention To Him

I used to love Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. I collected everything, spent countless hours listening to them, and paid good money to see Waters solo in concert twice (Hitchhiking and Radio KAOS tours). 

It’s funny, but I started listening to them less and less–particularly the later, Waters-dominated material–as I got older and recognized the immaturity and hatred at the heart of his intellectual posturing.

Waters does not have a subtle mind, but he imagines he does. He is the Otto of prog rock. (Imagine Jamie Lee Curtis saying, “What kind of fascism is this, Roger?”) I’m sure he imagines he’s writing very profound material, but anyone out of his teenage years who still thinks The Wall or The Final Cut is really deep, man, needs to read a book or two. It’s self-indulgent high-school level claptrap.

So it came as no surprise that Waters thinks he’s being provocative and making some kind of statement by channeling Julius Streicher and slapping a Star of David on a pig covered in various fascist symbolism.

The juxtaposition of Jews and pigs appears in various antisemitic propaganda throughout history.

The image to the right of Jews suckling at the Devil’s Pig is just one example of the way people used pigs to denigrate Jews. Muslim propagandists today routinely lump Jews in with apes and pigs in order to dehumanize them.

That’s okay, though. For the Smart Set, the Jews are the new Nazis because shutup!

Yawn. I can find the same kind of claptrap on al-Jazeera or Democratic Underground 24/7.

But hey, it works! Roger goes from “whatever-happened-to?” to multiple articles, and now people know that the guy who didn’t sing “Money” is on tour! And since many of them are already Jew-haters (it’s a disease that never goes away), it’s a perfect win-win for Waters.

Waters has been dressing up in fascist drag for decades now, acting like he was making an anti-fascist statement. At some point, if you wear those cool leather jackets and swastika-like crossed hammers in front of thousands of chanting and cheering people, you begin to think, “This is kinda cool.” You become what you hate.

PS: And, yeah, I know that doing what I say not to do makes me a hypocrite. I’m okay with that.

UPDATE: If I’m remembering my Floyd lore, the floating pig is Waters’ icon for capitalism, so the offensiveness goes even deeper, calling to mind images of “money-grubbing Jews.”