Brand New Verbum Bible Software Packages!

I get excited easily when it comes to new releases from Verbum, the Catholic Bible study software created Logos Bible Software. Today–Black Friday–they are releasing new bundles with some remarkable and welcome improvements.

These new “Verbum Plus Libraries” are updated to include a Catholic Topical Index, Saints Database, restructured librareis, more books, improved lectionary support, and other improvements.

Here’s the official rundown of new features:

• Roman Missal now opens automatically (The Missal, in English is now included in Foundations Plus)
• Look ahead or back and choose the liturgical reading you want to view from a calendar
• Displays titles of readings instead of verse numbers only
• New icon indicating liturgical color

• New database of over 500 Saints and their feast days
• High resolution images for over half of the Saint entries
• Navigate through the saints and their feast days right on your homepage

• Huge reference index, hand-compiled by scholars here at Verbum
• Doctrinal in nature
• Shows up by default in Cited By Tool and the Topic Guide
• Filled with topics especially relevant to Catholic doctrine
•Study topics like absolution, Eucharist etc, and see where scripture verses, Catechism references, and Ecclesial writings that pertain to that topic are located in your library
• Works best with more resources/bigger libraries

Each of the packages–Basic, Foundations, Scripture Study, Master, and Captone–add more resources and power as they go up in price. Verbum is expensive, but I would not be able to do my Masters in Theology work, Catholic writing, lecturing and even some of my blogging without it.

Verbum is at the heart of my system for writing about theology and preparing lessons, and its ability to drill down through massive amounts of text and language resources is the kind of thing that compresses the work of a week into seconds. They keep adding great resources and features, and although I’ve only had a little time to look at the new version, it looks like a solid upgrade created with Catholics in mind.