Learn Latin and Greek in 10 Easy Lessons

Well, maybe not “easy,” but at least the “10” part is right. The Language Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin has a series of language modules with some pretty exotic offerings, including Hittite, Gothic, Old English, Old Norse, Ancient Sanskrit, and more.

The lessons of more immediate interest would be Latin, Classical Greek, and New Testament Greek.

Give it a shot! It’s really not hard to get a nodding acquaintance with Latin so you can pick your way through a text. You already know a good many words.

H/t Open Culture

Fulton Sheen Audio Library [App o the Mornin’]

This is short and sweet folks, since there isn’t too much you need to know other than, “You really should probably get it.”

The Fulton Sheen Audio Library (iOS/Android: free, with in-app purchase) is–and you might have already guessed this–a library of audio by Fulton Sheen. It includes almost 300 talks from various times and places, some gathered by topic, and other by event. These aren’t just audio transcripts of his TV or radio shows, but also old LPs and tapes with extensive series on all manner of topics, including A Retreat for Everyone (15 talks), Improving Your Life (28) Love–Marriage–Children (24), St. Therese of Lisieux (11), World History (22), the massive Sheen Catechism (50), and many, many more. Some are talks given to priests, others to children, but most are aimed at the layperson.

The basic app is free and comes with a generous selection of free talks (at least one in each category). If you want the entire compilation, I think the current price is $8 as an in-app purchase. They stream rather than download, which doesn’t thrill me, but the server is stable and I’ve never had any trouble with it. The sound quality is excellent.

Sheen is an amazing teacher and one of the best Catholic evangelists of the 20th century. He has an Irishman’s skill with words which made him eminently quotable. He also had a flare for the dramatic, good looks, a perfect voice, and a command of mass media. This is terrific stuff.