Snow Day!

…yet again.

These kids are going to be going to school until August at this rate.

“Do not like!”

Anyway, up here in the great northeast, we’re having the 9th major snowstorm of the year, and it’s already looking like predictions of a foot will be low. It’s supposed to keep going until tomorrow morning, and the drifts are already up to my knees. (I’m 6’5″, so … yeah.)

Donner Party? Table for five?

I was never one to complain about snow. It’s a normal part of winter in the north. But this year … it’s grinding me down. The temps are routinely subzero (which I don’t remember ever happening) and one snow storm after another is just making us all punchy and what my Maine friend Rick used to call “house queah.”

Our first winter in our first house we got three feet in 24 hours, and that still wasn’t as bad as this. Plus, the weather is murder on arthritis. I’m down to 6 usable fingers for typing.

With the shift back and forth between snow, sleet, and rain, we’re pretty sure we’re going to lose power here, so I’m going to sign off for the weekend unless something huge happens.

And by huge I mean “Aliens land on the White House lawn and announce their plans to enslave us all and ship us off to work in their Venusian cheese mines.”


Be safe, be well, pray, read, play. Spring always follows winter.