How Social Media Is Messing With Your Brain

The hard thing about social media is to use it without being used by it. I like it just fine to keep in touch with friends, family, and a network on fellow travelers in a variety of interests. It gives me a place to post pictures of my dog, like this:


I apologize to no one for posting pictures of cute animals. It is what teh internets is all about.

Oh stop, you know you love it.

But it’s insidious, as I’ve pointed out before. It can draw us back again and again like the light that lure a moth until it beats itself to death.

We just have to find a way to balance it. I’ve removed all social media apps from my mobile devices and I suggest others┬ádo the same. This helps minimize the constant checking when you’re away from the desk and turns your gaze outward, to the world around you.

Look, social media has helped me in my spiritual development. I’m part of a community that shares faith, prays for each other, and looks to deepen our experience of Christ. It’s a good thing, like┬ádessert, alcohol, and sex. But, like all those things, moderation is the key, and understanding how social media works on your brain is a good first step towards making sure you use rather than being used by it.


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