Ted Cruz Is Using Christians For Political Ends UPDATED

In other words, he’s acting just like the GOP always does, making a pleasing noise for the social cons and God-botherers during elections, and then ignoring us or burying us in meaningless gestures the rest of the time.

Here’s what he said about his grotesque hijacking of Christian persecution for political ends:

What I find interesting is almost to a person, the people writing those columns have never or virtually never spoken of persecuted Christians in any other context. I have spoken literally hundreds of times all over the country. This is a passion. I’ve been on the Senate floor, and I intend to keep highlighting this persecution. I will say it does seem interesting that the only time at least some of these writers seem to care about persecuted Christians is when it furthers an anti-Israel narrative for them. That starts to suggest that maybe their motivation is not exactly what they’re saying.

I’m a Christian. I’m also an unapologetic Zionist. I’ve seen almost no anti-Israel narrative in any of the commentary I’ve read on the plight of Middle Eastern Christians. Cruz injected that into the discussion.

Someone is using Christians, all right, and it’s Cruz and the GOP. If they nominate this tool then they deserve to lose. As a conservative, I find it disgusting to have a party that is so morally and intellectually bankrupt allegedly representing “my side.” There is nothing conservative about the modern GOP. They only thing they care about conserving is their power and status as members of the ruling class.

We’re a long way from Reagan, people. It’s to time to realize that and stop acting like the Republican party can be saved. It can’t.

H/T Peter Blair via Twitter.

UPDATE: Cruz backs down.



He still doesn’t seem to understand, however, that his behavior through the entire thing has been less about helping Middle Eastern Christians and more about helping Ted Cruz.