The “Coexist” Bishop

The Most Reverend Julian Leow will be installed as the 4th archbishop of Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

Here is his coat of arms:


Let’s take a closer look at the bottom right symbol:


The symbol is called the “Tree of All Religions,” and here’s how they explain it:


Well that’s just bullshit. Indifferentism is a heresy, and syncretism is an error. Why would he slap symbols suggesting both on his official episcopal coat of arms? To show that we’re open to “dialog”? Fine, we’re open to dialog. Do we have to put the symbols of heresies and lies on an official coat of arms, as though the Truth is just one option among multiple valid choices? (And, yes, I know that Pope Benedict’s coat of arms included a Moor’s head, which was a historical symbol of the diocese of Freising. Not at all the same thing.)

Symbols matter. We either believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and the only path to the Father, or we’re not Christians. Someone chosen to be Archbishop should know that. It’s another troubling Epic Fail from the list of Pope Francis appointments.

NOTE: I clarified the line about Indifferentism. I’m making no “charges” against the bishop, which would be absurd and grossly inappropriate. I’m saying that the coat of arms suggest a particular heresy (indifferentism), and that at least one of the symbols represents a heresy.