Future Patheos Atheist Blogger Engages in Debate

This video is very obviously staged (the girl keeps looking at someone off-camera), but why it was staged and what message the videographer hoped to convey was a mystery to me.

But then I saw that the “Friendly” Atheist blogger thinks this horrid little child is the bees knees, and I realize: they actually think this is cool and funny and useful to their cause.

Christians should love this video. It proves once again that evangelical atheism is the ideology of rude, hateful little children. They don’t have anything to say but “shut up.”

Medieval Handwriting: The App

I don’t expect that many of you need to learn to distinguish among and transcribe the many2014-11-06 10.33.17 kinds of medieval hands found in old manuscripts, but Medieval Handwriting is still a must for medieval buffs.

The app, available for Android and iOS, includes 26 religious manuscript pages. Each has an introduction, specimen letter forms, and a full transcription. You can analyse the manuscript, enter your transcription, and then the app automatically determines if that transcription is correct. Any incorrect words are shown in red.

The app was created as an exercise for postgraduate students in the Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire.