Church of Satan Angry That Satanist Murderers Are Called Satanists


Actual Satanist

Actual Satanist

The Church [sic] of Satan [sic] is sad and angry that a couple of Satanic murderers are being called Satanists.

They’re not real Satanist like us, they say. They’re “devil worshipers,” which is a different thing!

Why? Because!

Follow this one if you can. The Church of Satan, founded by a comical fraud named Howard Levey (“Anton LaVey”) in the 1960s, is the”true” Satanism because they say so.



Now, it doesn’t actually believe in Satan. In fact, it’s just bog-standard might-is-right hedonistic Objectivist nonsense dressed up in a Halloween costume to annoy the squares. It’s something mildly clever and alienated teenagers might cook up, which may be excusable in teenagers, but is less so in adults. It’s also completely atheistic, meaning, of course, that it’s not a “Church” at all.

But we’re supposed to believe that’s the “real” Satanism, while actual Satanism as understood for millennia–worship of the Adversary, demonolotry, devil worship–is the “fake” Satanism.

Here’s Peter Gilmore (“Magus” of the “Church” of “Satan”)

Ultimately, when the media promotes devil worshipping criminals as Satanists, then the many productive people who are our members—or those who have aligned themselves with our philosophy without joining—must work harder to rectify such misrepresentation and the consequent prejudice and bigotry they face when they “out” themselves as Satanists to their family, friends, and co-workers. Many decide not to be open about their affiliation, except to a few people who might be open to taking the time to learn the truth about Satanism’s life enhancing, atheist philosophy.

Let me get this straight: their idiot founder named his “philosophy” after the incarnate force of all evil, destruction, lies, and murder–a force worshiped by some and fought by others for a couple thousand years–and now claims that this is the only true Satanism, despite it not being Satanic at all.

I take Satanists like “Pazuzu Algarad” extremely seriously. I accept them at their word as worshipers of the devil, aka Satanists.

And as I’ve written before, Real Satanists Don’t Send Press Releases. And they certainly don’t give interviews to the Washington Post.