Prayer Requests

Please remember the following in your prayers:

  • For A-, a child who was badly burned this week, that he may be given comfort from his pain and complete healing; and for his family, that they may be consoled in this difficult time.
  • For M-, that her doctors may find the cause of, and proper treatment for, a heart defect, and that she may get relief from her physical problems.
  • For J- and R-, as they each face a health crisis in their families, provide complete healing, strength, and freedom from anxiety.
  • For Nicholas Harriman, 14, and Nadia Harriman, 8, who were shot and killed this week, that they may know eternal life and love in the presence of God. For Alexander Harriman, 11, who was shot and is in critical condition; and for Jeaninne LePage, their mother, who shot the three children and herself, and is also in critical condition; as well as for the friends, family, and quiet community where this shocking act of violence took place. Give them all comfort, healing, and love.
  • For all special intentions and petitions.

We ask these things through Christ our Lord,