Dig Quest: A Biblical Archaeology App for Kids

Dig Quest (iOS: free) is a light but entertaining educational app that gives kids a chance to explore Biblical archaeology by solving puzzles. Produced by the Israel Antiquities Authority, the app offers two sites to explore: Lod (location of an elaborate mosaic) and Qumran (of Dead Scrolls fame). 2014-11-23 15.27.45

In Lod, you brush away dirt to reveal the mosaic, and then play a timed visual quiz. At Qumran, you open jars and piece together Dead Sea scrolls like a jigsaw puzzle. Success unlocks artifacts with art and information. There are over thirty levels with fifty images of various antiquities, as wall as spoken excerpts from the Dead Sea scrolls.

The gameplay isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off, but the process of uncovering and piecing together objects and texts and learning more about them should keep kids engaged and playing long enough to slip across some good educational content about ancient Israel.

This is an easy recommendation for parents and particularly home schoolers. The app is free, and IAA is planning to add content in the future.

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