On the Radio Tonight: 5-6pm EST

12DeciPhone 115I’m joining Mark Shea as his Tuesday co-host for his new show, Connecting the Dots on Real Life Radio, which is about drawing little lines between numbers until we get a picture of a duck.

How this works on radio is anyone's guess.

How this works on radio is anyone’s guess.

I assume “co-host” this means I’ll be giving my Ed McMahon Hi-ooooh! a workout.

Anyway, tune in this evening. 


Go Home, The Middle Ages: You’re Drunk

14th c., The Maastricht Hours

14th c., The Maastricht Hours


14th c.: Gorleston Psalter


The False Prophets (14th c)


Music illustrated by monkeys flinging poo at snails attacking their monkeycastle, because of course they are. (15th c, France)

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Snail Houses

Snail Houses


The Three Kings in bed: 15th c., Salzburg Missal

12th c.

12th c.

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