Thoughts About The State of the … Ooo! A Puppy!

My various feeds are full of comments about the State of the Union address last night, as if this kind of crass political theater is something that matters even a little. The focus-tested murmurings of our entrenched oligarchic ruling class are of so little consequence that a couple hours spent reading the most excellent Tarzan comic strips of Russ Manning (something I got for Christmas) would be infinitely more emotionally, aesthetically, and intellectually satisfying.

You know what’s way more useful than anything our President had to say? This video of my puppy Ivy attacking my foot. Grr! Fierce!

“I haz foot! I chewz it!”

Also, there was something about rabbits or bunnies or hares or lops going about the Cathosphere yesterday. Mark Shea and I chewed over it on the second half of the radio show last night. It should be up here at some point. We also talked with artist Timothy Jones, who is muy talented.

But, to reiterate, if you are tempted to assign meaning or relevance to American politics, over which you have precisely no control whatsoever, just stare into the eyes of this puppy until that feeling goes away. You’ll be happier.1912210_10205701508722914_216683002495477052_n