Our Ongoing Holocaust

By most estimates, the death toll since Roe v. Wade is closing in on 60 million human beings. I was never indifferent to the slaughter of the unborn, but I was at one time “pro-choice” because I didn’t believe it was “right” or “practical” to ban abortion. In time, I realized what a facile dodge that was. If people are being murdered, you don’t just shrug and say “Well, I can’t impose my views against murder on their executioners”: you stop the killing.

Leonardo da Vinci: "Views of a Foetus in the Womb." Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Leonardo da Vinci: “Views of a Foetus in the Womb.”

In our history, the depths of our crimes have always been evident to some while they were being committed, whether it was herding Indians onto reservations to die or enslaving a captive people. Each was made possible by denying the humanity of a group of people.

The humanity of an unborn child is self-evident. It’s not in a state of becoming human. It is fully human because all that he or she shall be already exists in pure potentiality, and is already becoming actual. The pages of the book of life are bound, and the text begun, at the moment of conception. Life–this wholly improbable miracle, this staggering power–has been unleashed.

You can’t unmake a person. You can only deny that a person is a person, and then kill him or her.

Please don’t ever deceive yourself about that lie, or reduce this to some gibberish about “women’s health.” (“Health of the mother” accounts for fewer than 3% of abortions.) Pregnancy is not an illness. It’s a wholly predictable and widely understood result of sex. It’s what sex does. The pro-life movement is not denying a woman a “right” because there is no such right in natural, common, or constitutional law: just a sleight of hand by a Supreme Court acting way beyond its mandate.

Today, people will March for Life, as they have for the past 42 years. And, as always, the media will ignore them. If 400,000 people can show up in Washington to protest something and the popular press collectively yawns, then it’s up to the alternative media to make sure those voices are heard.

Although I can’t be there today, I’m one of those voices. My name’s Thomas L. McDonald: I’m a husband, father, writer, editor, teacher, student, and American. And I am pro-life.