Rosary Found in Mystery Tunnel

One for the Just Plain Weird files:

Police want to know who built an underground chamber near York University campus and why.

The underground structure was discovered by a Toronto and Region Conservation Officer on January 14 who came upon a large amount of excavated earth near the fence line of the Rexall Centre Sports and Entertainment Complex.

“We’re trying to find and establish who built it, why they built it and what were their intentions,” Deputy Chief Mark Saunders said, of the find in the heavily wooded Black Creek parkland 82 feet from the fenceline of tennis courts at the Rexall Centre.

“There is nothing to suggest criminality,” said Saunders, noting that digging the tunnel may break provincial statutes or bylaws but there is no criminal intent. “I don’t have a working theory. We’re open. We go with the evidence.”

Police responded and found the chamber, which lay 10 feet underground and spanned 33 feet, was over 6 feet high and nearly three-feet wide supported by lumber. There is no evidence of machinery used in the excavation of the tunnel.

“This was built with a considerable amount of sophistication,” said Saunders, of the structure built with 2 x 8 wood framing and plywood walls. “The individuals responsible for building it clearly had some expertise in structural integrity.”

Police found a gas can, food and beverage containers, work gloves, a wheel barrow, as well as moisture-resistant light bulbs, a gas generator and a sump pump to remove ground water.

The only personal item found at the scene?