How I Work: Scott Eric Alt

Scott Eric Alt took up the How I Work challenge. Interesting stuff:

What’s your work­place setup like?
Very spare and spar­tan, as you can see from the pic at the top left. If I have any kind of tech­nol­ogy around me at all when I write, I will be dis­tracted and never get any­thing done. How can I write when there’s some­one say­ing some­thing dumb on Face­book? So I shut it down and shut it off and write on paper.

Annie Dil­lard once said that she needs “a room with no view, so that imag­i­na­tion can meet mem­ory in the dark.” I have mod­eled my own work­space around that prin­ci­ple. It’s why my desk faces a wall rather than a win­dow. (The win­dow is behind me, and the blinds drawn.) I require noth­ing but paper, pens, and words. And, of course, end­less cups of Mys­tic Monk cof­fee.

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