Is Transracialism The Next Frontier of Identity Politics?

That girl's so white you could use her to make a fluffer-nutter sandwich.

That girl’s so white you could use her to make a fluffer-nutter sandwich.

By now everyone has probably heard about the white NAACP leader who lied for years in order to pass herself off as black. No doubt this emerged from a sincere affection for black culture and causes that ultimately took over her life and caused her to alter her identity. I don’t doubt she thinks of herself as black, and I have no idea how anyone following the typical modernist logic of identity politics can possibly deny her claims. If a man can become a woman, a white person can become a black person.

A lifetime of experience as a black person, and all that entails? The very real genetic components that distinguish the races? The bonds of family, community, and heritage that contribute to cultural identity? As with gender, these are not what matters, right? They can be appropriated by an act of will, right? Anyway, all humanity comes from Africa, so really, aren’t we all black?


Why not? Explain, and please show your work. This will be on the test.

The only difference between saying that a male can have female brain and a white woman can have a black woman’s brain is that one has erected an edifice of BS theory and lobbyists and entertainment industry shock troops, and the other will.