Goodbye Microsoft

After 27 years as a PC user (Commodore and TI before that, with some Apple programming in high school) I’m done. Enough is enough. This is what you’ve driven me to, Microsoft:

2015-08-04 13.50.28Did any of my PCs ever have Snoopy and Woodstock toasting their logo over a campfire? No they did not. When I started up my PCs they did everything but punch me in the face and steal my milk money.

Yeah, I’m keeping a gaming rig on the side, but it’s no longer my work computer. And I hear that once you go Mac, you never go back. My wife is being very kind about the transition (the Mac I’m using for now is hers), and has only reminded me a few times of all the years I spent mocking Macs as toy computers for unserious computer users.

Well, I’m about to be 48, and I aim to be unserious in my impending dotage.

Something happened” indeed.