Apple’s Most Important Tech News: New Emojis!


A unicorn! AYKM? WANT!

Check out the lion. There aren’t enough EEEs in squee!, amIright?


Imagine if Keats had emojis. None of this “foster-child of silence and slow time” guff. Just BOOM!:


And think of all the whimsical ways you can tell people Aunt Flora died:


And then there’s…

emojikabaa…okay, moving on.

Look! A chipmunk!


OMG I can’t even!

Seriously, though: I love emojis. They’re hieroglyphs for the information age. My daughter and I can have entire conversations in them, and now we can talk about the time that Chipmunk and his friend Lion went on pilgrimage to the kaaba. Or that time John Keats killed us for playing ball in the house and breaking his Grecian urn.

Look for them in the iOS 9.1 update.