Holy Doors, Batman! Plus: Archaeology

Sealed holy door, St. Peter's

Sealed holy door, St. Peter’s

When The Anchoress asks, you can’t say no.

Elizabeth Scalia noticed that the Year of Mercy involved the opening of doors and thought, “Hm, I know I guy with a head full of useless knowledge who can explain this to Aleteia readers without putting them to sleep much!”

But that guy was busy so she wound up with me.

Here’s my FAQ on Porta Sancta, relevant this year and, er … in another 25 years: When is a Door Not Just a Door? When It’s a “Holy Door.”

Also, I’ve been gathering up little bits and pieces of archaeology stories that I might normally have put up in a quick blog post on the old site, but instead compiled as Archaeology Briefs, although I actually wear boxers.

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