A Face For Radio and a Voice for Print

I’ve been doing a lot of radio lately, despite that fact that, like many, I think my own voice sounds perfectly ghastly and grating. Like Erkel swallowed a kazoo. But, you know, someone has to laugh at Mark Shea’s jokes, and I’m just the Ed McMahon for that job.joc33iwhjoyh5isg3y4z

I co-host for Mark once a week on Connecting the Dots on Breadbox Media, formerly RealLife Radio. Every Tuesday from 5-6pm EST, I join his all-star rotating cast of toadies and lickspittles. Heyhoooo!

Last night we talked about Krampus and Vatican II, and I had a complete senior moment where my brain stopped functioning in the last 5 minutes of the show. I always love when these things happen live on air and then are preserved forever in MP3. It keeps me humble.

Here’s last night’s show.

I also did a spot on Halloween with my editor Jeanette DeMello for Register Radio on EWTN. I’m at the halfway point, after the useful stuff from Ed Pentin.