OED Word of the Day: rubricism

The Oxford English Dictionary got Catholic with this morning’s word of the day. Note the first recorded example from Newman, as well as the nonsense 1978 quote:

rubricism, n.
The strict or overzealous observance of liturgical rubrics.

1840 J. H. Newman Let. 10 Mar. in Corr. with John Keble & Others (1917) ii. 62–Right views and practices are spreading strangely; nor do I think with you that they tend to nothing more than rubricism.

1862 Macmillan’s Mag. 5 203–Its congregational worship affected no revolutionary Rubricism.

1904 Amer. Pulpit Apr. 39/3–Pedantry and rubricism were augured, as now they are, when Christ assailed their..stuffy theories as so much superfluous baggage.

1978 C. Howell in C. Jones et al. Study of Liturgy ii. iii. x. 241–Trent ushered in four centuries of rigidity and fixation; it was an era of rubricism.

2003 Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Jrnl. Sentinel (Nexis) 26 July b5–There are some people who see this as a retrenchment, a going backwards into more of a rubricism.