Brings the Stupid

Let’s see what kind of memes our lefty friends are spreading today:

2015-05-08 09.20.17

Let’s take the points one at a time:

  1. Why is “Christian” in scare quotes? Christians of conscience who don’t want to participate in the absurd and sinful farce of gay “marriage” are not really Christian? So now non-believers are reading us out of our own religion?
  2. While we’re at it: it’s gay “wedding.” #thereIfixeditforyou
  3. Why is Christian lowercase? I can’t image it’s for any other reason than as a gesture of contempt. Christians are part of this group? They like their beliefs being held in contempt?
  4. If a Christian gun store owner sold a gun to a person he knew was a criminal, or with foreknowledge that it was going to be used in a crime, then he would indeed be culpable in the murder, without question. Likewise if he failed to perform the required background checks. What, they expected a different answer?
  5. The point of the meme, of course, presumes that any gun will be used in a violent act, and that the Christian gun store owner knows this and acts anyway. In fact, the moral determinants in this case make it clear that the gun store owner is acting with what’s properly called “invincible ignorance“: that is, he cannot possibly know that an immoral or illegal act will stem from his sale. Indeed, the vast majority of guns purchased at gun stores are not used for illegal acts, so the store owner is working in perfectly good faith in assuming that his sales won’t be either.
  6. There is never any question as to whether a gay “wedding” is immoral or not: it’s always immoral, and direct material cooperation with that act makes the bakery (or florist or whomever) complicit in the immoral act.

Try harder next time guys.



I Wasn’t Charlie, and I’m Not Pamela

You don’t get to choose the guy in the trench next to you. The nasty miscreants of Charlie Hebdo would not be my choice for allies, nor would the objectivist idiot Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Unfortunately, they seem to be the only people placing themselves in the line of fire in the cultural war against radical Islam.

I don’t like this type of cheap provocation. I don’t particularly care when people mock my religion because I know they do so out of hate and ignorance, which reflects poorly on them, not me or my faith. What I wrote about Charlie Hebdo applies to Pamela Geller:

There’s nothing gained by sloppy sentimentality at moments like this. Charlie Hebdo and its staff were no friends to anyone of belief. They were cynical, nihilistic, and blasphemous, as is their right in our post-Enlightenment, pluralistic world. This relativistic individuality may or not be a good and healthy thing, but now isn’t the time for that debate.

There’s no difference between Charlie and Geller, so I know Art Spiegelman is just making a fool of himself when he says stupid things like this:

What’s the difference between Charlie Hebdo and Pamela Geller’s organization?

I think that’s when my brain short-circuited. Because superficially, it seems like, well, the same thing is happening in Texas. But it’s not. It’s the anti-matter, Bizarro World, flipside, mirror-logic version of what Charlie Hebdo is about.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative is racist organization. It’s exactly the nightmare version that the writers who were protesting the PEN award thought Charlie was. But Charlie is an anti-racist, political magazine that does not have an agenda that consists of wanting to bait or trouble Muslims.

Bull. Charlie Hebdo did nothing more than put a thin political gloss over what progressives like to call a “hate group.” But Spiegelman is a man of the left, and pas d’ennemis à gauche, right Art?

Remember, kiddies: Proper ideology taketh away the sins of the world, amen and amen.

The winning cartoon from Pamela Geller's contest.

The winning cartoon from Pamela Geller’s contest, because NOT showing it is a failure to report properly on a story.

But bad taste isn’t a death sentence, at least not in America. The self-selecting elites like to pretend that it is, so we get a lot of sneering at Geller from the same people who applaud every juvenile anti-Christian work that comes down the pike. It’s sickening.

A foreign enemy attempted to commit an act of violence against law-abiding American citizens on American soil. This was the reaction Pamela Geller expected and wanted, and this was the one she got. She is now a marked woman. That is a direct and predictable consequence of a freely chosen action. She owns that now and for the rest of her life.

There was no point to the action, but then again there’s no point to Corpus Christi or the Vagina Monologues or other works of hate and foolishness. They’re simply the emotional spasms of a dying culture. I don’t choose to communicate that way, and I think it’s wrong. I respond by ignoring it. They exercise their rights to free speech, and I exercise my right to ignore them. The vast majority of Muslims do the same.

Geller’s problem is that she’ll cheerfully kick 99% of the Muslims in the face in order to find the two guys who will kick back. That’s not really much of a strategy for winning a culture war, but right now it’s all anybody seems willing to do. You don’t stir a hornet’s nest and walk away without a few stings, even in America, even under the protection of the First Amendment. What you have to do is find a better way to deal with hornets than poking their nest.

This is a war the jihadists will win. If Western civilization hadn’t already committed suicide, we wouldn’t be facing defeat. Secularism, socialism, political correctness, sexual insanity, and demographic freefall have already written the final chapter of Europe, and I don’t see America recovering from its current death spiral. Only a healthy religion can drive out a diseased one. We’re too weak and fractured to resist for long.

We had a healthy religion, and we traded it for cheap goods, easy sex, and mindless distractions. We had the Gospel, and we gave it up for dollar stores, gay “marriage” and no-fault divorce, and reality TV. Worst of all, the people of Christ gave up the core of their faith in a sad attempt to fit in with a culture that will always hate them. Hell, at least the Indians got some beads for Manhattan. What do Christians have to show for their craven capitulation?

So, no: we’re not coming back from this. The most we can do is spit in the eye of the enemy as he bayonets us.

UPDATED HEREBlasphemy and Desecration: Keeping the Peace in a Pluralistic World


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Thoughts About The State of the … Ooo! A Puppy!

My various feeds are full of comments about the State of the Union address last night, as if this kind of crass political theater is something that matters even a little. The focus-tested murmurings of our entrenched oligarchic ruling class are of so little consequence that a couple hours spent reading the most excellent Tarzan comic strips of Russ Manning (something I got for Christmas) would be infinitely more emotionally, aesthetically, and intellectually satisfying.

You know what’s way more useful than anything our President had to say? This video of my puppy Ivy attacking my foot. Grr! Fierce!

“I haz foot! I chewz it!”

Also, there was something about rabbits or bunnies or hares or lops going about the Cathosphere yesterday. Mark Shea and I chewed over it on the second half of the radio show last night. It should be up here at some point. We also talked with artist Timothy Jones, who is muy talented.

But, to reiterate, if you are tempted to assign meaning or relevance to American politics, over which you have precisely no control whatsoever, just stare into the eyes of this puppy until that feeling goes away. You’ll be happier.1912210_10205701508722914_216683002495477052_n


Idaho Ministers May Be Forced to Perform Gay Weddings

I can’t say I’m very surprised by reports that an ordained minister who runs a wedding chapel is being compelled to perform gay “marriages.” We always knew the gay lobby was lying when they claimed people with traditional religious beliefs had nothing to fear from the advance of the gay agenda. A movement built entirely on affirming the awesomeness of certain sexual habits was never going to stop at mere tolerance.

I just expected it to take a little longer:

Donald and Evelyn Knapp are apparently ordained ministers who run The Hitching Post, a chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, at which they conduct weddings. (This strikes me as quite similar to many ministers’ practice of charging to officiate weddings when they are invited to do so at other venues.) Coeur d’Alene has an ordinance banning discrimination based on, among other things, sexual orientation in places of public accommodation. Earlier this year, after a federal judge in Idaho held that Idaho had to recognize same-sex weddings, a City of Couer d’Alene deputy city attorney was quoted by a local TV station (KXLY) as saying,

“For profit wedding chapels are in a position now where last week the ban would have prevented them from performing gay marriages, this week gay marriages are legal, pending an appeal to the 9th Circuit,” Warren Wilson with the Coeur d’Alene City Attorney’s Office said….

“If you turn away a gay couple, refuse to provide services for them, then in theory you violated our code and you’re looking at a potential misdemeanor citation,” Wilson said.

newspaper article carried a similar quote:

“I think that term is broad enough that it would capture (wedding) activity,” city attorney Warren Wilson said.

Similar laws have applied to florists, bakeries and photographers that have refused to work on same-sex weddings in other states, Wilson noted.

“Those have all been addressed in various states and run afoul of state prohibitions similar to this,” he said. “I would think that the Hitching Post would probably be considered a place of public accommodation that would be subject to the ordinance.”

According to the Knapps, the City Attorney’s office repeated this statement in telephone conversations with the Knapps.

It’s okay. America had a nice run. Nothing good can last forever. See you in the arena.

Ted Cruz Is Using Christians For Political Ends UPDATED

In other words, he’s acting just like the GOP always does, making a pleasing noise for the social cons and God-botherers during elections, and then ignoring us or burying us in meaningless gestures the rest of the time.

Here’s what he said about his grotesque hijacking of Christian persecution for political ends:

What I find interesting is almost to a person, the people writing those columns have never or virtually never spoken of persecuted Christians in any other context. I have spoken literally hundreds of times all over the country. This is a passion. I’ve been on the Senate floor, and I intend to keep highlighting this persecution. I will say it does seem interesting that the only time at least some of these writers seem to care about persecuted Christians is when it furthers an anti-Israel narrative for them. That starts to suggest that maybe their motivation is not exactly what they’re saying.

I’m a Christian. I’m also an unapologetic Zionist. I’ve seen almost no anti-Israel narrative in any of the commentary I’ve read on the plight of Middle Eastern Christians. Cruz injected that into the discussion.

Someone is using Christians, all right, and it’s Cruz and the GOP. If they nominate this tool then they deserve to lose. As a conservative, I find it disgusting to have a party that is so morally and intellectually bankrupt allegedly representing “my side.” There is nothing conservative about the modern GOP. They only thing they care about conserving is their power and status as members of the ruling class.

We’re a long way from Reagan, people. It’s to time to realize that and stop acting like the Republican party can be saved. It can’t.

H/T Peter Blair via Twitter.

UPDATE: Cruz backs down.



He still doesn’t seem to understand, however, that his behavior through the entire thing has been less about helping Middle Eastern Christians and more about helping Ted Cruz.

The Lord’s Prayer Turned Into Prayer To Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan socialist party (PSUV) delegate Maria Estrella Uribe rose to the microphone at the party conference on Monday and said this:

“Our Chavez who art in heaven, the earth, the sea and we delegates, hallowed be your name. May your legacy come to us so we can spread it to people here and elsewhere. Give us your light to guide us every day. Lead us not into the temptation of capitalism, deliver us from the evil of the oligarchy, like the crime of contraband, because ours is the homeland, the peace and life forever and ever. Amen. Viva Chavez!”

Of course, when sane people hear something so absolutely barking mad, the normal reaction is something like this:



Apparently, however, the Chavistas responded with cheers and applause. That’s some pure uncut Cult of Personality right there.

Li’l Hugo, who may well now have first person knowledge of just what the sulfur of hell smells like, did such a bang-up job in Venuzuela that the former major oil producer now has to import oil for the first time.

Anti-Gaming Crusader Charged With Gun-Running

Number of people killed by video games: still zero.

Number of people killed by weapons allegedly smuggled by Democratic Senator and video game industry scourge Leland Yee: unknown, but given that the FBI claims Yee conspired with crime lord Kwok Cheung “Shrimp Boy” Chow to bring $2 million worth of weapons into the country from the Philippines, and that machine guns and motherflippin’ rocket launchers were among the weapons included, I’d say the answer is much more than zero.

You should look at the criminal complaint yourself. It’s long, but it really gets cooking about Yee’s gun suppliers and schemes around page 93 or so.

The whole thing reads like a script treatment for a Chow Yun-fat movie, complete with guns, drugs, smuggling, violence, Asian organized crime syndicates, goofy nicknames, and crooked pols.

Honestly, all it needs is a handsome guy in dark sunglasses firing pistols with both hands to complete the cast and we’re ready to put this thing before the cameras. Let’s make it happen, people!

Yee was one of the more irritating critics of video games. He just plain lied about the ESRB (the organization that provides parental ratings for games) by claiming they knew about the Grand Theft Auto “hot coffee mod” when they rated the game, when of course a mod is something applied to software by a user after purchase.

He managed to create enough hysteria to push through laws criminalizing the sale of M-rated games to minors. Those laws were so blatantly unconstitutional that they were not merely struck down by the courts, but the state of California had to pay the Entertainment Software Industry over $300,000 in legal fees.

Yee’s background as a child psychologist lent a certain amount of credibility to his claims that violent videogames caused violent behavior in minors. In fact, there is no such direct link. During the same period in which game sales rose rapidly, violent crime declined.

Hey, you know what causes violent crime? Illegal weapons smuggled into America from foreign countries under the aegis of corrupt politicians.

Yee was also a notorious foe of the second amendment and critic of gun owners, which just adds a thick layer of Schadenfreude-Flavored Icing to this Layer Cake of Overdue Justice.

So, yeah, I’m just gonna sit back,  cut myself a slice, make a nice White Russian, and enjoy this one.

Some more of my posts on games and violence:

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New Mozilla CEO in the Crosshairs for Prop 8 Donation

Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript. Can’t you just see the eeeeevil?

One thing you can always count on with the gay rights movement: they never miss an opportunity to slander opponents of gay marriage as “haters” and gin up a thoughtcrime fatwa at a moment’s notice. The latest target may be Mozilla’s Chief Technology Office Brendan Eich, who was just made the CEO of the company, which makes the Firefox browser.

I’m saying “may be,” because although various comboxes are alive with outrage trolls, only one irrelevant company has thus far reacted publicly. Nevertheless, a couple of grandstanding gay dudes pulling their crappy puzzle app from Firefox is generating “New Firefox CEO Generates Outrage in Gay Community!” headlines because of course it is. Stories about the outrage come first, followed by the actual outrage.

Brendan Eich’s unforgivable crime–which should destroy forever his chances of success, employment, or joy in this life or the next–was to donate $1000 in support of Proposition 8. (I know! The monster!) From now on, that’s all that will ever matter where Brendan Eich is concerned.

I mean, sure, the guy invented JavaScript and was one of the founders of Mozilla, but he holds an opinion that hurts someone’s hothouse feelings, so he must be shunned.

We’re only going to see more of this crap as support for gay marriage becomes the litmus test for Goodthink in modern America. Once they imagined it into being The Civil Rights Issue of Our Times No Seriously You Guys We Mean It!, the die was cast.

What the hell happened to us?

As usual, since comboxes are closed for Lent, direct your outrage to me via Twitter.

Dick Cheney’s Unhackable Heart

Let’s take the cheap “Dick Cheney has a heart?” jokes as read and move on to the story at hand, viz: Dick Cheney had the software for his implanted defibrillator altered to prevent remote hacking.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Cheney admits to asking for wireless features to be disabled:

Cheney says that he and his doctor, cardiologist Jonathan Reiner, turned off the device’s wireless function in case a terrorist tried to send his heart a fatal shock.

Years later, Cheney watched an episode of the Showtime series “Homeland” in which such a scenario was part of the plot.

“I found it credible,” Cheney tells “60 Minutes” in a segment to be aired Sunday. “I know from the experience we had, and the necessity for adjusting my own device, that it was an accurate portrayal of what was possible.”

The security of radio communications in medical devices is not just the stuff of TV episodes or paranoia: it’s been a real concern for several years.

Wireless features allow implanted devices to communicate with medical professions in order to stream data, alert them to serious issues, and make changes without surgery. Any wireless signal, however, is potentially hackable. This a particularly grave concern with aerial drones, but political and military leaders with implanted devices may also be vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Last summer, ICS-CERT (the Industrial Control Systems–Cyber Emergency Readiness Team, part of the Department of Homeland Security ) sounded an alarm about the issue, specifying the following devices as vulnerable to hacking:

  • Surgical and anesthesia devices
  • Ventilators
  • Drug infusion pumps
  • External defibrillators
  • Patient monitors
  • Laboratory and analysis equipment

Back in 2008, programmers from Harvard’s Medical Device Security Center hacked an implanted defibrillator using a PC and some radio hardware. The device, obviously, was not in a patient at the time.

Who Is the Most Least-Privileged?

And the Winner of the Check Your Privilege Tournament is …

the homeless.

They got my vote. No one in this country is regarded with as much contempt and fear as the homeless.

Since it’s an economic and social state, I assume you can stack your lack-of-privilege. Black, Muslim, gay, and homeless might seem to be more less-privileged than white, Christian, straight, and homeless, but I don’t think so. People tend to be equal-opportunity haters of the homeless.

We fear the homeless. We fear that, but for a slip, an addiction or mental illness, the love and support of family, or economic ruin, they could be us. We fear them most of all because Jesus made it quite clear they’re our responsibility, and it’s one we’re least willing to shoulder.

Their final competitor was the Native American. I don’t agree, but it shows that our enduring shame over their historical persecution persists, even though contemporary anti-Indian bigotry is inconsequentially minor. Serious prejudice is in such short supply that Indian activists are reduced to complaining about sports team names. Do you meet a lot of bigots who complain about alls thems blacks and Asians and Hispanics and gays and … Indians? They’re more likely to say, “I’m 1/32nd Cherokee!,” particularly when it provides some academic, workplace, or political advantage.

My original post on the Priv Tournament was a perfectly clear mockery of identity politics. That it got comments (many of which I just deleted for being pointless and rude) saying, “O what can you possibly mean?” and “Are you saying there’s no bigotry in the world?” shows how much the myth of systemic racial bigotry has been embedded in our understanding of American culture by an academic elite.

Systems aren’t racist. People are racist. Systems, like computers, are dumb. They simply do what they’re designed to do, by policy or law. Equality under the law was slow in coming, but come it has. When bigotry and discrimination exist, they spring from the heart of man, and that’s rarely based on anything sensible or experiential. Hate comes from fear which comes from ignorance. It’s a simple formula, and attempts to force a solution by identity politics is futile. The evil in man cannot be legislated or hectored away.

Privilege in America is based on two things: money and power. Period. Have enough of either, and those identity categories dissolve away. Does a Will Smith or an Elton John still encounter people who hate them for their race or sexuality? Sure: assholes are everywhere. But it’s more likely they’ll be hated for Hancock or “Candle in the Wind,” and I think we can all agree that those are perfectly rational reasons for hate.

Elevating assholery to the status of a social/political phenomena  is not really a sensible solution. Everyone hates someone or some thing. Hatred–whether it’s mild or serious, ideological or racial–tends to be irrational. Some people are hating me at this very moment, while they read this sentence.

That our history is filled with murderous and shameful racial hatreds makes it hard for contemporary people to deal with the problem right in front of them, which probably has very little to do with the forced labor, pogroms, ghettoizing, and lynchings of the past.

A bigot doesn’t look for an Asian or Jews to hate. He’s just looking to hate, and it is mostly likely a self-hatred turned outward. An Asian or a Jew is sufficiently different to make that hatred easier. Turning individual psychological pathologies into social pathologies is not a sensible solution.

We don’t break down barriers separating man from his fellow man by erecting new barriers based on identity categories. We do it by loving the person in front of us, one person at a time, even the ones who hate us. In this way, moment by moment, life by life, generation by generation, we create a more just world.

It’s not a quick or easy solution, but it’s the only one that has any chance of ever working. Simple love of neighbor–unaffected, unforced, uncoerced, Christ-inspired–is the final solution to hatred in the heart of man.