A Friendly Sherlock Holmes Quiz

This is the quiz I wrote to accompany the Holmes piece.

There are two kinds of readers of the canon: those who have read and enjoyed them, and those who have read and memorized them. The following quiz attempts to find a happy medium between the two.

1. Watson used numbers in the titles of several stories.  Add the following together: Napoleons, Orange Pips, Gables, Students, then multiply by the number of Garridebs,
2. Name four shades of red hair described by Jabez Wilson.
3. What was the hiding place of the blue carbuncle?
4. What made the face yellow?
5. This was the first case Holmes tackled.
6.  Who was the victim at Thor Bridge?  Who was the perpetrator?
7. Where in London is 221B Baker Street?
8. What kind of tobacco does Holmes prefer?
9. What does Holmes write in bullet holes in a wall of 221B?  (Take extra pipe and plug of shag if you can name the kind of bullet he uses)
10. What was one of the books Holmes dropped when, in disguise, he bumped into Watson in “The Empty House.”
11. Which original stories were not written by Watson?