App O’ The Mornin’: Color Fill Review

My first impression of Color Fill was that it might break some kind of land-speed record for rapid deletion. The only thing that prevented that fate was my young daughter, who likes doodling and painting on the iPod Touch. It was kicking around there for a little while before I finally took a look at it, and was surprised to find an interesting take on the standard touch-coloring program.

This is really just a cubist coloring book with a puzzle element. You choose from a palette of 4 colors, and fill in all the shapes so that no two blocks of color touch each other. That’s it, but with variations and elaborations, it becomes pretty entertaining.

The puzzles get slightly more difficult as you go along, but none are particularly challenging for someone with any puzzle experience. Even the inclusion of a time-limit doesn’t really add much to the difficulty level. More interesting are the way the solutions create interesting art as you go. Adults might not get a lot out of this one, but kids may find it more interesting.